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Synchronization Service

We have a solution for saving the data in the cloud and synchronizing it between multiple Android devices. Our free app gbaSync Data Synchronization uses a Dropbox account for cloud storage, which is free for up to 2000 MB (more than enough for our apps). See www.dropbox.com.

You have to install our free app gbaSync from Google Play and connect it with your Dropbox account. You do not have to install the Dropbox app, but we recommend doing so and using Dropbox also for other data.

If our app gbaSync is installed, there will be a new option To Sync Service on the Export screen and From Sync Service on the Import screen, so that the backup file you export will be sent to your Dropbox account and retrieved from there if you have to restore the data. All database operations are immediately saved in your Dropbox account, so you have a realtime incremental backup of your data.

If you have another Android device (phone, tablet or emulator) and installed our apps there, then you must first import the DAT Backup File with the options Delete All Data and From Sync Service. This will not only import the data saved in the file you had exported, but it will also add all the database operations that have been saved in your Dropbox account afterwards, so you will get the most recent data.

With our free Dropbox solution the synchronization between the devices is not done immediately, so you must be careful when switching devices for entering data. When the gbaMoney app is started, it triggers the gbaSync app to get newly entered data from your Dropbox account. A notification will appear that the synchronization started and you should wait until this notification disappears meaning that your data is synchronized. In addition there is a menu option for synchronization on the main screen of gbaMoney and you may open the gbaSync app and check the synchronization status or start synchronization there.

The data is stored in your Dropbox account in a private folder Apps/gbaSync. Optionally the data may be encrypted with a key that you have to enter in the gbaSync app, so your data in the cloud is highly protected.

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