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Using Images

With the Camera button on the item edit screen you may take a photo of a receipt that will be stored on the SD card. The file name is inserted in the notes field, preceded by the label "Photo: ". The photos are stored in a directory named "gbaMoney". They are not included in export files that you may send by email, but you can transfer them to a computer using the USB connection. The HTML detailed report includes links to the photos, but they will be shown only if the report is saved in the same directory as the photos (on the SD card it is automatically saved in this directory).

When viewing the detailed report, only small images are shown. Larger views can be opened in the web browser.

This interface to the camera does not work on all Android devices and it will not always use the highest resolution. On older devices, the highest resolution is divided by 4 on each side. On newer devices, you may select the resolution in the camera settings.

On some Android devices the photos taken by the camera are not stored like they should, but in a default directory on the SD card with a default name. If you specify this directory in the settings, then an attempt will be made to find the most recently shot photo and rename it to the correct name and directory.

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