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gbaTodo: Task Tracking
Todo list with multiple lists, categories and priorities. Concentrating on the most urgent tasks or due dates is easy as they are always on top of the list. Synchronizes with multiple accounts of Google Calendar. Extra fields for documenting the task completion, useful for bug tracking.

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Remarks by the author

There are many Todo or Task lists, but it's also one of the most important apps for my device, so I created my own version especially suited to my needs. I need not only long task descriptions, but also descriptions on how I completed a task, so I can use the app as a bug tracking system or feature request list.

I also want to see the events of my Google Calendar with incrementally higher priority as they are approaching, mixed in the list with other tasks, ordered by priority.

With so many uses I need different lists and a way to select just one or a few for viewing, so that I can concentrate on the tasks that I want to work on.



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