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July 2018
July 21, 2018: Our own registration and payment system is broken and we discontinue it. We continue maintaining the app versions published at the Google Play Store and we now offer the same versions for downloading here. You may use them without registration.
December 2014
December 27, 2014: Most of our apps have been updated for Android versions 3.x, 4.x and 5.x (Holo theme).
November 2012
November 4, 2012: Trial versions of gbaMoney and gbaHours with full functionality but limited to 100 entries.
April 2011
April 12, 2011: The trial version of gbaMoney is now a "lite" version with advertisements.
June 2010
June 5, 2010: Published the new app gbaTodo as a free app with advertisements.
September 2009
September 27, 2009: Published the apps as free trial versions at Full functionality can be unlocked by payment with PayPal.
August 2009
August 15, 2009: Published all apps as free trial versions at Full functionality can be unlocked by payment with PayPal.
May 2009
May 31, 2009: Renamed gbaCalc to gbaCalc Lite. Published paid version gbaCalc v1.1.0  with more features: operations can be edited, saved to a file or sent by Email.
May 21, 2009: Published free trial versions of gbaMoney and gbaHours, so that users have more time to evaluate all the features.
May 13, 2009: Published gbaMoney, gbaHours, gbaShop and gbaSafeE v1.0.0 as paid applications.
May 8, 2009: gbaCalc v1.0.8 update. Buttons looked bad with Android 1.5

February 2009
February 6, 2009: gbaCalc v1.0.7 update. Added a little bit color to the buttons.

February 2, 2009: gbaCalc v1.0.6 update. Made the buttons look and feel better.

February 2, 2009: Finally I've got my own G1 device, so I can test the applications in real life.

January 2009

January 5, 2009: gbaCalc v1.0.5 update. Made the buttons as large as possible without loosing functionality. Optimized the landscape mode.

November 2008

November 20, 2008: gbaCalc v1.0.0 published as a free application.