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Yet another shopping list with focus on ease of use. Has categories, products per category, shops and priorities. Shopping items are created based on products with additional detailed notes. They are easy to check off while shopping and they can be re-used. The highest priority items are on top of the list, checked off items move to the bottom. Can also be used for simple Todo lists.

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Remarks by the author

Of course there are other shopping lists that also do their job, some of them are even much fancier.

For me the most important thing is to be able to quickly check off the items I have to buy while I'm in the shop.  And I want to re-use the items the next time I have to buy them, so only the first time I need a little bit time to enter the data. I also want to have more flexibility and see the items either by category or by shop, if I assigned them to individual shops, without necessarily having to assign them.

I want to keep items on a long term wishlist and gather information like prices and suppliers. I can write all this in the notes field.

I do not want to calculate the total of a shopping list, because then I would have to enter the prices and quantities correctly, and this would be too much work for me. I can write some pricing and quantity information in the notes field, which is sufficient for me.



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