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gbaSafeE: Password Safe
Password safe with categories, templates and individual fields. Keeps confidential data encrypted in the database. This export version is restricted to the weaker 56-bit DES algorithm.

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Remarks by the author

This is the same program as gbaSafe, but it uses only the weaker 56-bit DES algorithm. This is due to US export regulations, that require a review by the BIS (U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security), if the program uses a key length greater than 64 bits for a symmetric crypting algorithm. I suspect that I would not pass this review and I do not want to invest much time and money in the procedure, so I offer this export version. Since October 2008, for key-lengths less than 64 bit there is no need any more to send a notification to the BIS.

With this weaker algorithm it is possible to decrypt the data without knowing the master key, but still you would need to have much knowledge and a very good equipment to do so. The occasional thief or smaller gangs would certainly not be able to do it. I think that using this weaker algorithm is still better than not using any at all.

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