Gunter's Business Applications  

Android Applications


We have developed some applications for the Android system that can be used offline on smartphones.

We do not offer simple or primitive applications for everybody, but rather complex ones for experienced and demanding users that are looking for the same functionality as on their desktop computer. We still try to make using these applications as easy as possible, but full functionality is our main goal.

We do not offer these applications for free, but we offer free trial versions, so they can be evaluated over an extended time period and the data entered can be re-used in the paid version.

The applications are available in the Google Play Store and on this web site.

Privacy Policy: We do not collect any data.

Finally i have to say the best financial app for business & personal.the unlimited money trackin features room 4 every where penny comes & goes,worthy.
— gbaMoney

Elegant and intuitive. Does what it says.
— gbaHours

Finally! Good password manager with user-defined templates. After spending 10 min on templates you have application which exactly fits your needs.
— gbaSafe

Thank you! Now it is REAL printing calculator! I can save tape and store it. Need nothing better!
— gbaCalc