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Sync with Google Calendar

You may synchronize events with Google Calendar, using multiple calendars and multiple accounts with different credentials. Google Apps accounts are not supported directly, only as shared calendars in a Google Account.

The focus of the synchronization is on retrieving the Google Calendar events and merging them with your task lists. While you may create or update simple calendar events in gbaTodo, you should use the Calendar app for more complex (recurring) events.

For each calendar or account you must create a task list and specify the synchronization details. On the list edit screen you must enter the account name and password and then you must select a calendar from a list retrieved from this Google account. While the primary calendar always is writable, the shared calendars may be read-only. This status is shown as Sync Type.

Synchronization is performed in the background. Events you create or modify are uploaded immediately (if the calendar is writable). Updates from the calendar are downloaded when the app is started and at intervals you specify in the list properties (hourly, dayly,...).

You may force the synchronization manually (menu option on the main screen or context menu option on the list selection screen).

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