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Main Screen

The main screen shows a list of tasks ordered by priority and due date. Dates get incrementally higher priorities as they are approaching: next day is top priority, next week high, next month medium. So you'll have to check only the highest priority tasks and you don't miss any due dates.

Finished tasks are at the bottom of the list, ordered by descending completion date.

On the left side there is a colored bar showing the priority of the task.

Normally the tasks of all lists are shown, but there is a menu option for selecting a list.

There are menu options for adding a new task, entering search and filter criteria, exporting and importing.

You may switch between a short view mode (one line per task) and the normal view mode.

A Widget is available for showing the most recent due date if there are scheduled tasks. Pressing on the widget will open the main screen with scheduled tasks ordered by due date.

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