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Main Screen

The main screen shows the list of categories. You may add a new category by pressing the last entry named "New Category..." or by selecting the menu option. You may edit or delete a category by long-pressing it in the list and selecting the context menu option.

If you press the button Shops, then a list of the shops is shown.

If you press the button Items, then a list with all the items of all categories is shown. If you enter a search text and then press the button Items, then a list with all items that contain the search text in either the product name or in the notes is shown. You do not have to enter complete words, e.g. with "ilk" you will find "Milk". The search is not case sensitive, so you may enter just lower case text.

On the right side of the list the number of open items and of checked-off items (in parenthesis) is shown. On the left side a bar is shown with the color of the highest priority of items in the category.

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