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Shopping List

This screen shows a list of shopping items, either for a category, a shop or all categories together, depending on the context.

You may change the sort order of the items and the shopping mode by pressing the toggle buttons at the bottom of the screen.

If the shopping mode is activated, then pressing an item in the list will not open the edit screen, but just change the priority to "checked" or "normal".

Sorting by priority and sequence is useful for shopping, especially if the shopping mode is activated. Checked off items have the lowest priority and will be shown at the end of the list. Simply touching an item in the list will toggle its checked state. If it was unchecked, it will be checked and moved to the end of the list. So while shopping you only have to check items until you reach the first checked off item, you do not have to look further. The items are not deleted when you bought them, so that you can use them for preparing your next shopping list. You only have to touch a checked off item and it will be unchecked with a normal priority and put on top of the list according to the priority.

Sorting by name is useful for editing the items. If the items do not appear to be sorted by name, it is due to the fact that first all items with an empty product assignation are shown sorted by their notes text, and then the items sorted by product name will be shown.

You may edit or delete items by long-pressing on it and selecting the context menu option.
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