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You may import the data from a backup file that you created with the Export function, or you may import items from a CSV text file, if you want to migrate confidential data from another system. You must select the file type accordingly.

DAT Backup file

The backup file can be on the SD card or in internal memory. The word Clear will be appended to the file name if you have checked Clear Text. The file extension .gz (if you checked Compressed) or .dat will be appended to the file name. If the file is encrypted, then it must have been created with the same master key as the database. If the master key is not identical, the confidential data is imported, but you may get errors when accessing the data, so that you should delete these items.

CSV Text File

The CSV file must be on the SD card. The file extension .csv will be appended to the file name you enter. The field delimiter is a comma, the character set is UTF-8. The first line must be a header line with the field names. The first three field names must be Category,Name,Notes. If the fourth field name is Template, then a template will be automatically created with the field names that follow it.

If you want to import confidential data with different field names or templates, then you must create one file for each template or field name collection


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