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You may export all data or just the templates and category definitions to a text file on the SD card or in internal memory. This serves as a backup and it allows you to transfer the data to another device, either by connecting it to a PC or by sending it with your email application.

Normally the confidential data in this file is encrypted with the same master key as in the database, so without knowing this master key nobody is able to read the confidential data. Optionally you may create an unencrypted export file that can be used to create a new database with a new master key. You should delete this file as soon as possible in order to prevent any abuse.


You may select  the SD card or internal memory for storage of the text file. Internal memory is only useful if you wish to temporarily backup the data but don't have space on the SD card. If you want to send the file by email, you must store it on the SD card.

File Name

The file name is preset, the word Clear will be added if you create an unencrypted file. The extension .gz will be added if you checked Compressed, otherwise the extension .dat will be added. You may change the name if you want to create different backup files.

Clear Text (unencrypted)

Check this if you want to create an unencrypted file.


Check this if the file should be compressed.

Only Templates and Categories

Check this if you want only Templates and Categories to be exported.

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