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This screen is opened when you press the button Register on the screen that informs you that you are using the trial version.

You may use the trial version as long as you like, but it is limited to 10 items.

If you wish to enter more than 10 items, you have to buy a license and register it. The license is valid for one device only and cannot be transferred to another device.

You have to fill in registration info that will uniquely identify your license. Please enter your full name, location with ZIP code and the country you are living in. The device id will be automatically appended.

After successful payment and registration you may for security reasons download another version of the app that will have no access to the internet, but you may also continue using the installed app if you trust the author (the internet access was needed only for registration, it will not used for any other purpose).

Download Registered Version (optional)

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