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Support of Quicken

Quicken is a popular financial program created by Intuit. The Android app gbaMoney can be used either as a replacement for Quicken (if the reduced functionality is enough for you), or just for entering transactions while on the road and transferring them later to Quicken. In the first case, you may export accounts and transactions from Quicken and import them into gbaMoney. In the second case you may export account and category lists from Quicken, import them into gbaMoney and later export transactions from gbaMoney and import them into Quicken.

Classes are used in Quicken only optionally, while in gbaMoney each transaction must have a class. When importing transactions, you must select a default class to be used if no class is specified in the Quicken transaction. When exporting transactions, you may select Without Classes if you do not want to have any class specified in the export file, or you may select a default class, which will not be specified in the export file while other classes will be.

Problems with multi-currency files

QIF files do not contain currency information or currency rates. In order to import them correctly, the following steps are recommended.

1. Export from Quicken only the list of accounts (no transactions), optionally also the categories.

2. Import the list of accounts and edit the currency of each account, creating new currencies as needed and setting the number of decimals (scale).

3. Create currency rates for all combinations of the currencies (either be creating a transfer transaction and deleting it afterwards, or by selecting the currency in the currency list and viewing the currency rates (long press on the currency).

4. Export transactions from Quicken either for a specific account or for all accounts and import them in the app.

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