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Reasons (Descriptions) can optionally be created for a payee or payer. They are useful if the same reason occurs repeatedly and you want to enter more detail than just the category and subcategory assigned. If the reason will not be repeated, you may enter details in the notes field instead.

If you want to create memorized split items, then you must specify a reason, because together with the payee or payer it forms the identification of the memorized split items.

The list shows all reasons defined for a payee or payer.

You may create a new reason with the menu option New Reason or by touching the identically named last item in the list (you get there quickly by pressing DEL on the keyboard).

You may view all the split items of a reason by long-pressing it in the list and selecting the option in the context menu.

There are also context menu options for editing or deleting a reason.

If you delete a reason, all its split items will be deleted also (after confirmation), but its transactions will still exist (the reason in these transactions will be cleared).

If you rename a reason, it will be renamed in all its transactions and split items.

You may also change the payee of a reason, all its transactions and split items will be changed accordingly. This is useful for transferring a reason with split items to another payee.

By entering a letter on the keyboard, the list will be scrolled to the first reason starting with the letter.

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