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Payees and Payers

Each expense must be assigned to a payee. You may use generic payees (e.g. Shop, Grocery,...), but it is better to name individual vendors, so that you may view transaction lists for each vendor separately.

For each payee the most recently assigned class, category, subcategory and reason are remembered and pre-filled in a new transaction after selecting the payee.

Payers are like payees, but for income transactions. The names can be the same, but they are kept in separate lists.

The list shows all payees and payers.

You may create a new payee or payer with the menu option New Payee or Payeer or by touching the identically named last item in the list (you get there quickly by pressing DEL on the keyboard).

You may view all the transactions of a payee or payer by long-pressing it in the list and selecting the option in the context menu.

There are also context menu options for editing or deleting a payee or payer.

If you delete a payee or payer, all its reasons will be deleted also (after confirmation), but its transactions will remain unchanged.

If you rename a payee or payer, it will be renamed in all its reasons and transactions. It is permitted to rename it to an already existing name. This is useful for merging two payees or payers.

By entering a letter on the physical keyboard, the list will be scrolled to the first payee or payer starting with the letter.

If you touch the search field and start entering text, the list narrows to items starting with the text (ignoring case). If you press Enter, all items containing the text are shown.

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