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There are three kinds of export files:
DAT Backup File contains all the data and is meant for backup and restore functionality. You may save it to internal memory if the SD card is not available, but if you want to send it by email or keep it when uninstalling the app, you must save it on the SD card.

CSV Text File can be used to export the transactions of a specific account or time period and send the file by email to a desktop computer where it can be loaded into a Calc program. The first line contains the field names and the separator between the fields is a comma. The fields of this file are explained in the help screen for Import.

You may check Delete Transactions Exported if you want to delete the transactions that you are exporting. You must check Adjust Balance if the balance of the account should automatically be adjusted, otherwise you may adjust it manually after afterwards.

A QIF Text File can be used to transfer the transactions of a specific account and time period to a desktop financial program. If you check Without Classes, then no class names are specified in the export file. If you do not check it, but select a Default Class, then only this class name is not specified in the export file, while others are.
The option Reason as Payee Description means that the Reason field will be appended with a slash to the payee instead of being put in the memo text.

File Name

The file name is preset, the extension .dat, .csv or .qif will be added automatically. You may change the name if you want to create different backup files. If the name starts with a slash, then you must give the full path name (like /mnt/sdcard/filename or /sdcard/filename)


You may select the SD card or internal memory for storage of the text file. If you wish to transfer the file or send it by email, then it must be put on the SD card.

From/To Date

The To Date ist preset with the date of the most recent transaction. The From Date is set to the first day of the same month.

To Sync Service

If you select this option, then the DAT backup file will be sent to the sync service after having been stored on the SD card.

Sync Photos

If you select this option, then also the photos created within gbaMoney are sent to the sync service if they are not yet there. This may take a while, but it is done in the background.

Character Set

By default the character set UTF-8 is used for encoding the character data. All selectable character sets contain the 7-Bit US-ASCII characters that are sufficient for the American language. Western Europeans may select windows-1252 or macintosh, depending on their desktop computer.

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