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Accounts are where the money is: a bank account, a credit card, cash.

Each account has one currency. You may for example have a cash account for dollars and another one for euros.

The list shows all current accounts. Accounts marked as obsolete are only shown if you select the menu option All Accounts.

On the right side you see the current balance of the account. This is only meaningful if you enter all the transactions for the account. You do not have to, instead you may only enter transactions for expenses or income that you want to control. In that case you should just ignore the balance.

You may create a new account with the menu option New Account or by touching the identically named last item in the list (you get there quickly by pressing DEL on the keyboard).

You may view all the transactions of an account by long-pressing it in the list and selecting the option in the context menu.

There are also context menu options for editing or deleting an account.

If you delete an account, all its transactions will be deleted also (after confirmation).

If you rename an account, it will be rernamed in all its transactions. It is permitted to rename it to an already existing name. This is useful for merging two accounts.

By entering a letter on the keyboard, the list will be scrolled to the first account starting with the letter.

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