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Timer Screen

This screen offers an alternative way of creating time items by just pressing start/stop buttons. Initially the timer list has only two entries for creating new timers: one for creating a travel timer and one for creating a work timer, similar to the Travel and Work buttons on the main screen. You may have several timers, one for each task you are currently working on. Switching between the tasks requires only pressing the start button of the new task, the previous task will be stopped automatically.

On top of the screen the total of time items for the current day is shown, including active timers. It is recalculated each time you change a timer or switch back to this screen from another screen, but you may also force the recalculation by pressing the Refresh button.

With the Items button you may switch to the items screen. When restarting the app, the first screen shown is either the timer screen or the items screen, depending on which one was most recently open.

Simply pressing a timer in the list starts or stops the timer. Long-pressing it opens a context menu with options to move the timer up or down in the list, edit or delete it.

Editing and deleting timers

Timers are based on time items. When creating a new timer or when starting an inactive timer, a new time item is created. Edtiting an active timer changes this item. For inactive timers there two context menu options for editing: old item means changing the time item most recently created by this timer, new item means creating a new time item. Deleting an inactive timer just removes the timer from the list without deleting the time item.

Notification for active timers

When a timer is started, a notification icon is put on the status bar to remind you of the active timer. Selecting the notification opens the timer screen, where you may stop the timer.

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