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Edit Task

Screen for editing a new or existing task. There is a menu option for deleting the task.

The task name must be unique. If  you change it, all the time items of this task will be changed accordingly.

If  you delete the task, all its time items will be deleted also.

You may mark the task as "obsolete". Its time items will remain unchanged, but the task will no longer be included in the selection list.

A default billing status to be used for new time entries can be given.

An hourly rate can be entered for the task, it will override the hourly rates of the project and client.

You may enter a note, but it will not be used anywhere else.

You may define a global task that can be used for all clients and/or projects: you just have to erase the client and/or project by opening the selection list and leaving it with the Back key.

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