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Main screen

This is the starting point for entering time items. There are two buttons for creating a new item: Travel and Work, because normally you start a working day with travelling, then you work on one or several tasks and then again you travel. With two buttons there are two different histories which makes data entry easier: the most recently entered client/project/task is taken as default values for the new item. Travel can also be used for other activities. By default Travel is used for non-billable items, while Work implies billable, but you may change the billing status individually.

The most recently entered time items are shown in a scrolling list sorted by date. For each day there is a header line that shows the total hours for travel (non-billable) and work (billable) items.

When you create a new item, the time values (from/to) are both set to the current time. When you enter the next item, the to-time value of the previous item is automatically set to the from-time value of the new item. You can change both values by clicking on an item.

If you manually change the end time in a new entry (not with the Now button), then an offline mode is started where the start time of newly created items is set to the end time of the previous item and the end time is set to the next rounding interval or thirty minutes later (if there is no rounding mode set). The offline mode is stopped if you press the Now button of if you leave the app with the Back button.

On the left side a colored vertical bar shows the billing status of an item: yellow is billable, green is billed, blue is non-billable, while red is used for unfinished (active) time items.

With the button Totals you switch to the totals screen, where you can see the totals of each client/project/task for a selectable period (week, month or year).

With the button Timer you may switch to the timer screen, which offers start/stop timers as an alternative way of entering time entries.

With menu options you may switch to the import, export or settings screen.

Copy items

You may copy an existing item by long-pressing on it and selecting the option Copy Item in the context menu. The edit screen is opened with the same data, but you must change the date or time before saving it.

Send email to client

There is a context menu option for sending an email to the client with details of the time item. This is useful if you work for multiple clients and wish to send a bill immediately after finishing an action. In this case you should have entered an hourly rate for the client and the email address of the client in the notes field of the client edit screen. The email address will be automatically copied from the contacts if you created the client by selecting it from the contacts list. If you have entered a CC email address on the settings screen, it will be included.

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