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Edit Item

This screen is opened for creating new items or for editing existing items by clicking on them in the item list.

You select the client, project and task and you may change the date and time values. Other fields are optional.

Projects and Tasks

Normally you should use projects and tasks in order to differentiate the working times for a client, but you may also leave them empty. If you had selected a project or task and wish to erase it, you must first open the selection list and then leave it with the Back key.

For travel items the vehicle name can be used as a project (if you enter mileages, the current mileage will be remembered for the vehicle and pre-filled the next time).

For travel items a name for the path taken can be used as a task (if you enter a distance, it will be remembered for the path and pre-filled the next time).

You may define global projects: when editing the project you must erase the client by opening the client selection list and leaving it with the Back key.

You may define global tasks (within a project or not): when editing the task you must erase the client and/or project by opening the selection list and leaving it with the Back key.


You may enter the hours instead of having them be calculated from the time values. Normally you should leave this field empty. The hours can be entered with or without decimals or in the hh:mm format.


You may enter the duration of a break, it will be deducted from the calculated hours. If you just enter a number, it will be taken as minutes. If you enter a number with decimals, it will be taken as hours. You may also use the hh:mm format.


There are three optional fields to enter additional amounts for which totals will be calculated . The labels can be changed in the settings. You could e.g. use one amount for expenses, one for fuel usage and one for the private part of  miles of travel items.

Mileage Start/Stop, Distance

For travel items you may enter the mileage and/or the distance. If you did enter the start and stop mileage, the distance will be calculated automatically and the stop mileage will be taken as the start mileage the next time. You do not need to enter all digits of the stop mileage: the unchanged higher digits will be copied from the start mileage (e.g. if the start mileage is 124356 and you enter the stop mileage 84, it will be adjusted to 124384 and the distance 26 will be calculated.

Offline mode

Normally when creating a new time entry the start and end times are set to the current time. If you manually change the end time (not with the Now button), then an offline mode is started where the start time of newly created items is set to the end time of the previous item and the end time is set to the next rounding interval or thirty minutes later (if there is no rounding mode set). The offline mode is stopped if you press the Now button of if you leave the app with the Back button.

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