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There are three kinds of import files:
The DAT Backup File is used for restoring all the data from a previously exported file. It can be used to transfer the data to another mobile device or for restoring it after removing and re-installing the app.

The CSV Times is a comma-separated file with time entries. The header must contain field names like in the CSV Times file created with the Export function, but not all fields are mandatory and the order of the fields may be different. If an entry with the same date and start time exists already, it is updated, otherwise it is inserted. Clients, projects and tasks are created if they do not exist.

The CSV Project Lists is a comma-separated file with clients, projects and tasks that you want to create. The header line contains the names Client, Project, Task, Notes. In the data lines the client or project can be empty for global projects or tasks.

The QB Timer Lists is a file exported from QuickBooks (Intuit) with the company name, employees, clients, projects and tasks to be used for the QuickBooks Timer functionality (see here).

File Name

The file name is preset, the extension .dat, .csv or .iif will be added automatically according to the file type.

If you specified a directory in the settings, then the file will be sought first in this directory on the SD card, then in the root directory.


Only for DAT backup files you may select internal memory instead of the SD card for storage of the file. Internal memory is only useful if you wish to temporarily backup the data without having an SD card available.

Character Set

By default the character set UTF-8 is used for encoding the character data. It can be used for 7-Bit US-ASCII characters, but for 8-Bit Western European characters on Windows systems you should select ISO-8859-1

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