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gbaMoney: Money Tracking
Expenses or income are quickly entered and assigned to classes, categories and subcategories. Monthly or yearly totals and subtotals can be viewed and graphically compared, with budgets on class or category level. Currencies are converted. Split items can be defined for recurring transactions. Import and export of CSV or QIF files.

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Remarks by the author

I've been using desktop financial programs for years in order to keep track of my expenses.

I do not need all the features of these programs, but I like the way I can see where my money is going to. I put all the functionality I need into a small program for Android phones. I do not use the desktop programs anymore, I can do everything on my phone, even checking and comparing the totals and budgets.

The database is initialized with a default category list that you can adjust manually, but you may also replace it by importing a category list from a QIF file.


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