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gbaHours: Time Tracking
Timetracking for free-lancers that work on projects for several clients. It is easy to start and stop the tracking while you are at work and you can easily view the weekly, monthly or yearly totals and change project or task names any time later. Totals and details can be sent by email to a desktop computer for billing.

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Remarks by the author

As a free-lance software developer and consultant I always was looking for a solution to easily enter the timing and project information while working and have the totals and details ready when writing my monthly reports. I also wanted to keep track on the hours spent on projects and tasks.

I had written programs for Palm OS devices, Java ME and Windows Mobile, but for having the totals I always needed to transfer the data to my Windows desktop and import them in a Visual Basic program.

Now for the Android system I included all the functionality in the mobile device program, so I don't need the desktop program anymore. I also made it easy to change project and task names any time I want.

I did not include invoicing, since I still do this more effectively with office software on my desktop computer and a printer connected to it. I can send the weekly, monthly or yearly totals and details by email to the desktop computer for further processing.

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